August 4, 2022 - Self Tapes, Movie Premieres, and Social Media


  • Ben's movie came out! Go watch Vengeance
  • All about the timeline of being in and releasing a feature film
  • Nurturing your relationships while you're between projects
  • The value of knowing *just a little* bit of editing. Also check out Gedaly's tutorial site,
  • Are auditions going back to in person (spoiler: sometimes, but self tapes are here to stay)
  • How to make self tapes better, more fun, and getting more comfortable. We've heard good things about Selftape App
  • Self producing and shooting on a phone, and the value of practicing in a low stakes environment
  • Tips for better camera technique on set or in self tapes
  • Learning to love auditioning
  • Eyeline tips while self taping
  • How to respond to Instagram's changing algorithms (follow @creators)
  • Connecting your career goals with your social media strategy
  • Lessons from set on a commercial
  • Updates to the SAG-AFTRA commercial contract
  • Getting downgraded