Social Media For Actors Course


Social Media For Actors

Posting all day but nothing's working?

Not posting because you hate social media?

With some best practices, you can book work or find reps on social media!

This 12-part course will guide you step-by-step to setting up your profiles for best career results.

Posting all day and feel like it's a waste of time?

Not sure if "promoting yourself" is actually helping you book more work? 🤔

There's an endless number of ways to interact on Social Media, but only a few will help your career.

Many actors spend hours per week creating and posting content that doesn't help their career.

Add doomscrolling and comparing your lack of success with others who seem to have it made...

That's a recipe for burn out and frustration! 🥵

Want to avoid all that heartache?

There's a system that anyone can use to maximize social media to book work, get reps, and create valuable industry relationships.

And it's available in a step-by-step course.

You don't need to be tech savvy or in love with social media, either! 🔥

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What Students Say

I think Ben understands not just the film industry and social media but also human psychology and how tracking anything is the key to success. I just started using working actor and so far I love it. I wish I had this resource when I first moved to LA.
Daniel S.
Ben has the comprehensive expertise on how to effectively pursue a career in acting in the digital age. He helps you organize your goals and customize your tasks so that navigating our industry stops being about desperation and starts being about strategy.
Miki Y.

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Course Summary

Getting Started

LESSON 1: Introduction to Social Media

LESSON 2: Social Media Success Stories

Key Concepts

LESSON 3: The 4 Keys to Social Media Success

LESSON 4: The Platforms

LESSON 5: Leveraging Social Media

LESSON 6: Strategies & Tactics for Career Success

Platform Guides

LESSON 7: Instagram

LESSON 8: Facebook

LESSON 9: Twitter

Next Steps

LESSON 10: Growing Your Following

LESSON 11: Key Take-Aways on Social Media

Extra Credit

LESSON 12: Mental Health & Maintaining Sanity on Social Media

INCLUDED: Extra Credit Guides Where You'll Discover:

About Your Instructor

Ben Whitehair

✅ Working actor: multiple guest star and recurring TV credits, star of feature films, worked with multiple Oscar-winners (IMDb)

✅ Executive Vice President of SAG-AFTRA

✅ Professional business/mindset coach

✅ Chief Operating Officer of TSMA Consulting, entertainment's premier social media management firm

✅ Co-Founder LA Actors Tweetup

✅ Co-created and taught graduate class at UCLA on social media and the business of showbiz

✅ Champion sheep and dairy cow showman #TrueStory

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How To Get An Agent Course

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Member Success Stories

It is, to this day, one of the best career decisions I've ever made. I have signed with a great theatrical agency, booked a feature film, and wrote, starred in, and produced my own short that is currently circulating film festivals. I also now have relationships with major casting directors and a concrete game plan to take my career to the next level. I recommend Working.Actor to anyone who is ready to get serious about their career.
Jessica Bishop
Actor, Producer
I spent years interviewing professionals to demystify the path to success in the entertainment industry...and now it's all in one spot! This is the resource I wish I had when I moved to LA.
AJ Meijer
Host of Inside Acting Podcast

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