Self-Tape Mastery Course

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Self-Tape Mastery

The Ultimate Guide to Auditioning in the Digital Age

😩 Not confident with your self-tapes?

😖 Worried your setup or editing isn't good enough?

😰 Unsure how to translate your in-person audition skills to a self-tape?

🥳 Well, all the proven secrets that working actors use to save time and stand out are revealed in this course!

What's Included:

📺 16 video lessons
🙌 ~3 hours of content
📋 List of gear recommendations
👩‍💻 Step-by-step editing tutorials
📼 Real examples of self-tapes that booked the job

Are you frustrated with your self-tapes? 🤬

Are you exhausted after every self-tape audition? 

Do you dread all the technical aspects of self-tapes?

Or maybe you're just not sure if your setup is "good enough"? 🤔

Perhaps you're concerned that casting directors aren't even watching your audition? (Spoiler: the only reason they wouldn't is if you're not addressing the fundamentals outlined in this course.)

Perhaps you appreciate the flexibility of self-tapes, but you want to know what the pros are doing that make their self-tapes so much more effective?

Regardless of your perspective...

Self-Taping is Here to Stay, and It's an Essential Skill if You Want to Work as an Actor.

Too many actors are wasting valuable time stressing over their set up, doing take after take after take, and struggling to edit their self-tape auditions.

Plus there's equipment to buy and memorization and learning how to set up lights?!

It's stressful.

And a recipe for burnout and frustration! 🥵

Thankfully, there is a better way.

Of course self-taping requires some effort, but once you've figured out the essentials you'll be on your way to...

✅ Stress-free auditions
✅ Lightning-fast setup, filming, & editing times
✅ Understanding what casting directors actually want
✅ Confidence in your choices
✅ Self-tapes that look professional and stand out!

All of the essentials are clearly laid out in this step-by-step course.

And no, you don't need to be a tech wizard or know anything about cameras or lights or microphone settings! 🔥

So what will your results be after implementing this course?

Keep scrolling to learn more ⬇️

Overcome Overwhelm

Do self-tapes make you nervous or leave you drained? 😩

Discover the techniques that will bring ease and joy to your process.

Make Self-Tapes That Stand Out!

Concerned that casting directors aren't even watching your video? 😳

Not only will you master the basics, but you'll learn the simple tips and tricks that will have CD's lean in and take note.

It'll Become Easy

Are you exhausted just thinking about shooting and editing your next self-tape? 🤔

We'll share the painless, step-by-step process that will finally let you focus on your acting.

What Students Say

I think Ben understands not just the film industry and social media but also human psychology and how tracking anything is the key to success. I just started using working actor and so far I love it. I wish I had this resource when I first moved to LA.
Daniel S.
The content here is pretty much the best "become a professional actor" breakdown I've come across. It's astounding, really. 🙏🙌
Andrew C.

This is Exactly What I Need...

Course Summary

Getting Started

LESSON 1: Introduction to Self-Taping

LESSON 2: Mindset Tips

Recording Your Self-Tape

LESSON 3: Essential Equipment

LESSON 4: How To Record

LESSON 5: How Many Takes

LESSON 6: Recording on the Go

Audition Pro Tips

LESSON 7: Audition Insights

LESSON 8: On-Camera Technique

LESSON 9: How to Stand Out

Edit and Send

LESSON 10: Editing Simplified

LESSON 11: Editing Software Tutorials

LESSON 12: Uploading/Sending Videos to Casting

LESSON 13: Uploading Software Tutorials

Final Thoughts

LESSON 14: Using Self-Tapes as a Reel

LESSON 15: Self-Tape Examples

LESSON 16: Conclusion

About Your Instructor

Ben Whitehair

✅ Working actor: multiple guest star and recurring TV credits, star of feature films, worked with multiple Oscar-winners (IMDb) — almost all of which were booked from self-tapes

✅ Executive Vice President of SAG-AFTRA (2021 - 2023)

✅ Professional business/mindset coach

✅ Chief Operating Officer of TSMA Consulting, entertainment's premier social media management firm

✅ Co-Founder LA Actors Tweetup

✅ Co-created and taught graduate class at UCLA on social media and the business of showbiz

✅ Champion sheep and dairy cow showman #TrueStory

🙋 Answers to Your Questions

You know, the questions that you have. Frequently.

This course, and all of Working.Actor, is designed for actors at all levels—whether you’ve got no credits or already spend most of your life on set.

Self-Tape Mastery is tailor-made for anyone aiming to enhance and improve their self-tape audition process.

This course distills the lessons from from hundreds of self-tape auditions, into an easily digestible format that can transform your process.

This course is an investment in your acting career.

You already know how important it is to have the best auditions you possibly can. Beyond that, with the techniques in Self-Tape Mastery you will saveᅠhours on your self-tapes for the rest of your life.

Learning to save time and improve your auditions are skills that will compound over time, meaning six months and even six years from now you will still benefit from this course.

We're deeply committed to your success.

If you're interested in personalized guidance then sign up for the Working.Actor Membership Subscription, where you will also get access to the entirety of Working.Actor. The Membership includes a coaching forum where you can ask individual questions and get support. It also includes live, monthly Membinars where you have access to live coaching and support to guide you through any challenges or questions you might have.

If you purchase the standalone course you will have access forever (or until the zombies take over at least 🧟‍♀️).

If you sign up as a Working.Actor Member (subscription), then you will have access to the course—as well as the rest of the content in Working.Actor—for as long as you remain a member.

No. Self-tapes are here to stay, and mastering them now will benefit you for the rest of your career.

You could get an audition for the role of your dreams tomorrow. So would you rather be prepared, or need to get ready?

And if you’re interested in expanding your career beyond just self-tapes, consider becoming a Working.Actor Member. In addition to mastering your self-tapes, with Working.Actor you'll learn how to save money on headshots, what to look for so you don't waste money on an acting class that's a bad fit, where to look for auditions, and how to find the right agents and manager for you.

We understand time constraints. Our course is self-paced, allowing you to access the content at your convenience.

Each module is designed to be concise, enabling you to learn and implement strategies efficiently, even with a busy schedule.

Absolutely not. Self-tapes are used in the casting process all over the globe, and Self-Tape Mastery is relevant to actors working in commercials, TV, and film in any market!

Absolutely! Our course is designed for actors of all tech levels. It's structured with easy-to-follow instructions, and our support team is available to assist you with any technical difficulties.

Beyond that, we’ve designed Self-Tape Mastery with specific guides and tutorials that will teach you how to simplify the technical elements of self-taping such as your recording setup, editing, and uploading your files.

We understand life gets busy. However, even completing a few modules can significantly improve your auditioning skills. Plus, the course will always be available for you to revisit and continue at your own pace.

Acting classes are great, but how do you take what you’re learning in class and apply it on camera? What setup do you need, how do you edit and upload your self-tapes, and what are the pros doing that make them stand out?

That’s what makes this course different. It's developed by industry professionals and has already helped numerous actors achieve remarkable improvements in their auditioning techniques. Our focus on the combination of mindset with actionable strategies sets us apart.

Shall I compare tacos to a summer’s day?
They are so good and much more tasty.
A warm tortilla and veggies are great,
We'd write a sonnet but let's not be hasty.

Interested in joining but need one final question answered? Drop us a line!

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If you choose the Membership option, you get access to this course PLUS ALL THIS:

Video Courses on Social Media & How To Get An Agent

50+ Guides to help you succeed

100 hours of interviews with working actors, casting directors, and other industry pros

Monthly live Q&A (with recordings of past sessions)

Professional Coaching

Group Selfie


Watch and learn at your own pace, save your progress, and get expert guidance to make sure you succeed!

Online courses like these are usually hundreds of dollars EACH. Or THOUSANDS for a weekend workshop...but you get unlimited access to them included with your membership!

All of this and more is included in the Working.Actor Membership Subscription

If you're not interested in Membership, that's fine too! You can buy the Self-Tape Mastery course on its own.

Member Success Stories

It is, to this day, one of the best career decisions I've ever made. I have signed with a great theatrical agency, booked a feature film, and wrote, starred in, and produced my own short that is currently circulating film festivals. I also now have relationships with major casting directors and a concrete game plan to take my career to the next level. I recommend Working.Actor to anyone who is ready to get serious about their career.
Jessica Bishop
Actor, Producer
I spent years interviewing professionals to demystify the path to success in the entertainment industry...and now it's all in one spot! This is the resource I wish I had when I moved to LA.
AJ Meijer
Host of Inside Acting Podcast

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