May 11, 2022 - Relationships, Research, and Ranches


  • The power of building relationships and how it booked Ben multiple acting jobs
  • Gedaly books national commercial editing gig and musical thanks to building a network and various skillsets
  • Letting go of fear around posting your wins, and ideas for what to post about your bookings
  • Comparing booking via direct offer vs auditioning
  • Building your reputation as someone who is booking gigs
  • Acting is reacting: what that really means and how to apply that on set
  • How to make an editors job easier so they can craft a great performance
  • What Matthew McConaughey told Ben about being in a Scorsese film
  • The many wins that happen on the way to booking a gig
  • What to share about yourself in an audition to be more memorable
  • How to make a great impressing with your reps when you get a new agent/manager
  • Using your life experience to help you get cast
  • Practical steps for researching a project or character prior to sending a self tape