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The 14 key principles that will allow you to be a working actor

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How to define your type so you can book more work


How to take the perfect headshot

How to properly format your resume to book more work and not look like a novice

How to create an epic demo reel


How to build an actor website without spending a ton of time or money

The four keys to master social media

How to make the ideal business card and email signature


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Some Reviews from Actors...

This is an easily understandable step-by-step, user-friendly way to make steady progress towards the worthy goal of being a Working Actor & not just a Wishful Actor.
Mary McNeil
Whether one is starting out or looking for ideas on how to freshen things up in one’s career, has great insights and resources to address both big picture and tactical steps.
Meghana Mudiyam
Actor & Screenwriter
Brilliant. So much knowledge, well distilled and presented in a fun humorous way. So great you are putting this out there.
Camilla Nata
I spent years interviewing professionals to demystify the path to success in the entertainment industry...and now it's all in one spot! This is the resource I wish I had when I moved to LA.
AJ Meijer
Host of Inside Acting Podcast, Recent guest star on Sneaky Pete

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Made For Actors, By Actors

We've been in LA for 10+ years each, spent tens of thousands of dollars, and done all the things in LA that actors "should" be doing... workshops and classes and meetups, oh my!Β 

We've also sought out expert advice from other working actors, casting directors, producers, and other industry professionals... all so you don't have to.

Hello! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ We are your guides on your journey to becoming a working actor:

Ben Whitehair

βœ… Working actor: multiple guest star and recurring TV credits, star of feature films, worked with multiple Oscar-winners (IMDb)

βœ… Professional business/mindset coach

βœ… Chief Operating Officer of TSMA Consulting, entertainment's premier social media management firm

βœ… Executive Vice President of SAG-AFTRA

βœ… Co-Founder LA Actors Tweetup

βœ… Co-created and taught graduate class at UCLA on social media and the business of showbiz

βœ… Champion sheep and dairy cow showman #TrueStory

Gedaly Guberek

βœ… Actor, director, and screenwriter

βœ… Finalist in multiple film festivals and screenwriting competitions

βœ… Content producer for major brandsΒ 

βœ… Certified mindset coach

βœ… Digital marketing strategist for startups & multi-million dollar companies

βœ… Launched a New York Times best seller (didn't write it)

βœ… Ran multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns

βœ… Sings opera while juggling

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